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Project Vimeo Link File Screenshots Description Release Updated
James and Esther Molaei

Amanda Sedy - Chi Alpha included in zip file

Lexi Shirley - Praise Kids included in zip file

Presentation Sunday: Bottger included in zip file

Presentation Sunday: O'Harra included in zip file      2/23/17
Presentation Sunday: Methisen included in zip file       2/23/17
 Danielle Johnson w/ Gabby Baldwin: I Want What They Have   Danielle tells her story about coming to faith in Jesus after being invited to "The Avenue," Cedar Park's Youth Ministry in Bothell    1/5/17
Danielle Johnson w/ Gabby Baldwin: My Declaration of Faith


Danielle tells stories about how she has seized opportunities to share her faith
Scott and Carolyn Winter: RFK Christmas Party


At Christmas, there is nothing better than putting smiles on the faces of kids, especially kids in need. 12/18/16 12/15/16
Scott and Carolyn Winter: RFK Volunteers


It take an army of royal volunteers to accomplish something great like Cedar Park's ministry to Royal Family Kids.
Nancy Jacobsen


In time for the holidays... Nancy reports on the explosive growth of Cedar Park's Food Bank 11/1/16 10/27/16
Glenn & Alessandra Hansen - Short Play hansen_square.jpg
This short-play version of the Hansen's story focuses on how CP supported their family in challenging times. 10/23/16 10/6/16
Glenn & Alessandra Hansen - Long Play hansen_square.jpg
This long-play version of the Hansen's story provides more detail and background. 10/23/16 10/6/16
Zac Boeckel   From growing up at CP to now leading, Zac ends with a call to volunteers.   10/6/16
Geoff Sankey   Missionary to India, Geoff Sankey, with his testimony of how Cedar Park led him to his current ministry.   10/5/16
Anne Murphy   SOM testimonial with Jay intro and outro 8/22/16 8/22/16
Kyle Chermak   SOM testimonial with Jay intro 8/22/16 8/22/16
Jay Smith for CP Staff Meeting   Jay's 20-minute address to the CP Staff 8/17/16 8/14/16
MOPS Promo   Laurie Neary invites people to participate in MOPS at Northshore 7/11/16 7/11/16
Albert McCaughan   Albert McCaughan's story about reaching out to his workplace with the "Word for Today" devotionals. We support all sorts of missionaries, including this missionary to a truck factory in Renton. 7/10/16 7/7/16
Jean Olsen   Jean Olsen's call to volunteers to serve with her. Jean's story includes her reflections on moving forward with service out of mourning the loss of her husband Torger. Versions included that drive people to both and 7/10/16 7/7/16
VBS Promotion   "Submerged" VBS promotion that uses a number of kids from Bothell and Kenmore. Versions for each VBS included. 6/12/16 6/7/16
Jenni's Story - Father's Day   Jenni's story about her "Dad" and father-in-law 6/19/16 6/7/16
Wednesday Men's Group   Group story featuring the Wednesday evening men's group hosted by Chris Riser in Kenmore, led by Chris, Dan Olson, and Steve Crane. Versions for Bothell and Kenmore (driving to different Web pages) 6/13/16